Tips To Prevent Electrical Shock At Work?

The likelihood of suffering an electrical shock at work is high and all employers must take necessary precautions to minimize or eliminate this risk. Employee safety is a main concern for the success and growth of a company. Here are a few ways to prevent an electrical shock at work:

Build awareness

There are certain basic requirements that employers must provide their employees. To ensure their safety, they must conduct workshopsto make them aware of hazards at workplace. This involves knowledge on how electricity works. An expert electrical contractors Sydney might share this knowledge effectively. Electricity conducts through certain material like water, metal and human body to the ground. An electrical shock, is when a sudden discharge of electricity from a faulty appliance or lightening conducts through the human body to the ground

This is very harmful to humans, as it leads to burning and damage of human tissue. It can be fatal. But having this basic knowledge helps people to realize the principles of an electrocution. When an individual suffers a shock, others must not touch them with their bare hands, as it can conduct through them as well. Wearing poorly conducting material such as rubber shoes and gloves can help protect against an electrocution. During an electrical fire, using water to extinguish it can aggravate the situation. They must use a specialized extinguisher for electrical fires which the workplace must be equipped with.

Safe electrical equipment installation

All companies or factories require electricity to work. The workplace must ensure that they install these electrical equipment with the help of Sydney commercial electricians. Regular assessment of power sources, wiring and appliances must be done to ensure worker safety. If there is a default found, it is important to keep the workers away from the area and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Workplace behaviour

All employees of the workplace must give their input to safeguard their work environment. If they notice a hazardous condition, they must report it immediately. Any electrical appliance handling must be done in two, not alone. If you are not familiar with the use of an electrical appliance, it is always best to ask someone who does. If an individual suffers a shock, the main supply of power must be quickly switched off and help must be sought immediately. In lightening conditions, electrical equipment should be handled minimally or not at all. All electrical work at workplaces are best left for the professionals. Electrocution at work place is a cause of occupational injury and death which is a serious issue. All measures must be taken to eliminate this risk and ensure employee safety.