4 Great Ways Of Accessorizing Your Home

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Accessories can be easily incorporated in your home when decorating. It will give a unique look that will make it your own. The accessories you choose will portray your personal style and anything from picking the floor rugs to the lamps and artwork in the room will complement the room. The way in which you choose to go about with colour and texture is up to you and your creativity so don’t be afraid to experiment and you will be rewarded with a well-designed room. Take a look at some steps you can take to get started.

Choosing the style

Depending on the room and your preference you can find inspiration from various sources but if you want to keep it current and trendy, look for accessories based on the season or holiday. This will also be a great way to freshen up the look of the space every 3 to 4 months. One simple way to do this is for example; during spring time the addition of pastel throw pillows to your office chair Hong Kong or centerpieces. This will greatly elevate the room and also give it a new and fresh look for the season. It is simple yet super effective.

Addition of texture

One of the easiest ways of getting an instant boost in terms of texture to the room is through floor rugs. These make a great statement piece especially when matched with the colours and other furniture in the room. So if you have a sofa or tables which are simple and plain, then pick a rug that is rich in colour or buy lounge chair here to match the theme. A patterned rug best suits sofas with large and heavy patterns.

Art on the wall

Statement pieces such as wall hangings and art work definitely add to the grandeur of the room. It also reflects a lot about the person you are and what your tastes are like. Try to mainly pick pieces that fit with the space of the walls you have, find the right spot. As a rule of thumb it is important to hang artwork or wall hangings at eye level or higher. You can choose to have 1 signature art piece to draw people’s attention or have several medium sized pieces.  

Lamps and plants

Lamps in dark spaces definitely give a great ambience and warmth to the room. It is best to go with contemporary and attractive styles that you can add to give some texture to your lighting. Plants are also beautiful and versatile and give a space a fresh and warm feeling.