How To Create A Bathroom For Your Kids

If you have children you know that getting them to practice good hygiene is not the easiest thing. How many times do you have to scream at them to brush their teeth before bed? In fact how many times have you caught them eating with dirty hands? We know that the number of times this must have happened is endless. But as a parent, you cannot give up. Furthermore, you cannot also claim that they will learn the errors of their way as they grow up. Instead, you need to motivate them to use the bathroom. One way to do this is by creating a space just for the kids. This is something that many parents don’t even think about. We know that they decorate the children’s bedrooms. But they need to do the same for their washroom.

Have a Theme

We know that at this age children loves various things. More often than not they tend to love a barrage of things that don’t complement one another. Many parents think that they need to use all the things that their children like to decorate this space. But that is not entirely true. We would ideally advise you to stick to just one theme when decorating the bathroom renovation Canberra. For instance, maybe you can opt to use the child’s favourite book or movie as inspiration? But you should never use them both. That is because when you do this it would look as if a child decorate this space. This is not the look that you are going for. Instead, you want something that would even appeal to adults.

Opt For Easy To Clean Surfaces

When looking for modern bathroom designs we know that it is easy for you to go overboard. But you need to remember that children have a tendency to be messy. Therefore you need to look for items that sturdy and can be cleaned easily. Thus, that is why you should never opt to paint the walls of this space white. Instead, opt for a dark colour that would be more forgiving. Furthermore, when it comes to the vanity top you should never use anything made from wood. That is because they will carry all the stains that your child may spill on them. Instead look for vanities with lacquered finish. That is because it is possible to easily wipe anything from this surface. This would then save you a significant amount of time in the long run.
Thus, with the help of this guide, you can create a space that your child would love to use.